Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Bright New Era of Cheap Energy

Mankind has reached a stage in its history, a true long term turning point, where once-cheap energy, mostly carbon-based fuels, predominately oil, have reached a point of severely-diminishing returns.

Some climate scientists' models project heat-death for planet Earth unless carbon emissions are reduced to zero.

Oil prices have risen by a factor of ten in the last ten years and further extraction of this fuel will require ever-more expensive extraction methods in terms of investment and environmental side-effects.

Nuclear energy has some advantages over carbon fuels, but brings with it waste and proliferation problems.

What is needed is a new way of obtaining energy without emitting carbon into the atmosphere. And, we need a way to generate energy which is cheap.

Indeed, a method of generating electricity without any of the drawbacks of conventional methods is currently under development. This blog will serve to report on exciting progress in this new approach which will not only obsolete the old ways, but drastically reduce the price of energy at the same time.