Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stuck in the Mud

Here's a prime example of why our civilization is collapsing under the weight of the oil companies: John Hofmeister, CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy, and the former president of US operations for Shell, shares his 2010 energy outlook.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thermopower: An Alternative Energy Solution To Global Warming

Development of this technology has been stalled due to lack of R&D funding for the past couple of years (a result of the collapse of the housing market, by the way), but it offers an even cheaper way to generate electricity. It will be able take any heat source---such as a hot summer's day in Texas, for instance---and transform it into electricity you can use to light your house, charge the electric car, etc. This excess heat in the environment is causing the temperature of Earth to rise, which in turn causes politicians to lick their lips thinking of all the new ways they can convince the public to pay them additional fees and taxes. So, we have the Copenhagen Conference participants talking about how we are spending a billion dollars a day to pay oil shieks to help us make the Earth too hot. Who wouldn't fall for such a line?

We don't fall for it because it's hogwash. Thermopower technology can fix any temperature problem we're having with our home planet. But, technology whose development is not funded cannot fix anything and that's exactly what the politicians want. They want us to kowtow to them and fork over as much cash as they think they can persuade us to pay for "solutions" which only enrich the politicians. Consequently, all the money that the government says it's spending on "alternative energy" is simply never going to fix the problem simply because they don't want the problem fixed. That's why, when we submitted applications to the Energy Dept this year for funding to develop the technology, they said it was "not transformative". And, that's the sum total of their evaluation of voluminous documentation that proves the technology is real and very, very promising. That two-word dismissal shows that they were simply rejecting the grant out of fear---fear that Thermopower would be transformative. If they had had real, scientifically-valid reasons, they would have stated them. But, they did not. And, they did not because there are no valid scientific reasons that can be made to say that thermopower cannot do what it claims to do. It does not violate any known scientific or statistical principles; it's not a Perpetual Motion Machine, in other words. None of the Laws of Thermodynamics are broken. It simply transforms heat to electricity, which is a principle which has been well-known since the early part of the 19th century and very much accepted by science. Thermopower does it very, very efficiently, though, than the prior state of the art.

There are only two possibilities here that we can see (either one or both may apply):

  1. The people in the Energy Dept are blithering idiots.
  2. The people in the Energy Dept have been paid to suppress real solutions to Global Warming.

When the politicians ask you to pay to stop Global Warming, just remember: they are lying through their teeth. Do not support anyone in Congress who makes that kind of claim because they are the ENEMY of the people. And they should be removed from public office as soon as possible.

The day will come when the people demand real solutions from the politicians who have been stealing public funds. And, they'll seek retribution from the politician-criminals who have conspired to impoverish our society.

Oh, and how will Thermopower solve the Global Warming problem? Easy. It can convert excess heat into electricity, which can then be used to drive radio transmitters connected to parabolic antennae aimed out into space. Thus, the excessive heat can be transmitted out into deep space, thus lowering the temperature of the Earth to whatever level is considered desireable. Nothing could be simpler (or cheaper).

To all those nations who are going to drown from rising seas, this will eliminate those rising seas. And, for those living near the sea (Florida and Louisiana, for instance), you won't have to abandon vast areas which will be inundated by rising seas.

By the way, you'd think a technology like this would have hordes of investors lining up to invest in it. Unfortunately, there are no more investors with money to invest in a sure thing like Thermopower. They either lost it all to Bernie Madoff or they're using High-Frequency Trading computers to play the Wall Street Gambling Casinos.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Energy Department Receives 3500 New Energy Concept Papers

Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy Techline Issued on: July 8, 2009

High Interest in ARPA-E’s Initial Funding Opportunity for Transformational Energy Technology

ARPA-E Begins Review of 3,500 Potentially Transformational R&D Proposals

Washington, DC – The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E) of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) completed the submission stage of its first Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) released April 27th, 2009. ARPA-E has received approximately 3,500 concept papers for the $150 million available as part of this FOA (DE-FOA-0000065).

The large number of submissions – “Concept Papers” - for ARPA-E’s initial FOA outstripped the expectations of industry observers and highlights America’s capacity for Energy technology innovation that can be applied to transformational research and development (R&D).

ARPA-E’s first solicitation is funded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The announcement is primarily aimed at prospective applicants who already have a relatively well-formed R&D plan for a transformational concept or new technology that can make a significant contribution if and when successfully deployed. Submitters of the most meritorious Concept Papers will be encouraged to submit Full Proposals. ARPA-E expects to provide responses to Concept Paper applicants by the end of the last week in July on whether a Concept is likely to form a basis of a successful Full Proposal. The deadline for Full Proposals is expected to be the end of August.

ARPA-E is currently planning future solicitations as part of its ongoing mission to fund and support transformational energy-related technology research and development.

For more information about ARPA-E, including updated FAQs, please visit

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Obama Energy Lie

Obama talks a good line about the environment. But, it's all talk and no change. He claimed that his Administration is funding energy research and development. Don't believe it. If you go to the Energy Dept website, you'll find a page which tells you that no new projects after 2008 have yet to be funded. So much for the Obama lie.

Obama's real plan is to transfer wealth from the middle class to the lower class via an energy tax. He dresses it up in flowery language, but when you think about it, he simply thinks of himself as the Robin Hood of the 21 Century, taking from those who have money and giving it to the poor.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Midas Touch

The popularity of Gold is based, in part, upon scarcity. Given the cost of mining Gold, supply and demand, we have the emotional aspect which has been driving the price of the precious metal up.

But, what if Gold could be "mined" at much cheaper prices? What would that do to Gold?

Clearly, it would drive the price of Gold lower.

Thermopower will be able to "mine" Gold at extremely cheap prices in the future by using an electrolysis technique to extract Gold.

If you're a long term Gold investor, don't expect to get rich. Gold is an insurance policy. Treat the cost of Gold as a cost of doing business. The premium you pay for Gold may be lost in the future when Thermopower becomes available to the public.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cooler Computers

Did you know that some CPU coolers in computers already use a primitive thermopower generator? Yes, indeed, thermoelectric CPU coolers use some of the waste heat generated by the computer to cool the machine. Of course, traditional thermoelectric generators are quite inefficient compared to thermopwer generators, but the principle remains the same.

In the near future, with a thermopower generator installed in your computer, you won't need to be limited by battery power for your laptop computer. The heat from the air will be converted to electricity to power the machine. And, the heat generated by the computer will be used to help provide some of that electricity to run the machine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australian Bushfires

The devastating bushfires in Victoria, Australia, this week underscores the dangers of not developing thermopower, which is capable of climate modification. In fact, according to Nature,

Climate models do suggest that Australian summers will get warmer and drier as the century proceeds, and there is little doubt that this will have an effect on fire risk.

"Heatwaves and fires are virtually certain to increase in intensity and frequency," the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) concluded in its most recent Fourth Assessment Report in 2007.

By 2080, average temperatures in central Australia could increase by up to 8C, according to the IPCC's most extreme regional prediction. Within 400 kilometres of the coast, the continent could still warm by up to 5.4C, and the amount of rainfall could decrease by up to 80%.

In southeast Australia, the frequency of very high and extreme fire danger days is likely to rise by 425% by 2020 and by 1570% by 2050, according to the IPCC's report.

Other regions exposed to high wildfire risk, including southern Europe, South Africa and the southwestern United States, face similar changes. Increased fire frequency could lead to vegetation changes that would reduce plant growth, decreasing the amount of carbon that plants remove from the atmosphere --- further exacerbating greenhouse warming by carbon dioxide.

Clearly, the time to act is now. With thermopower, the outback can be a virtual paradise. Without it, it may turn into a hell on Earth.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Solution To Global Warming

According to a prominent NOAA scientist who discovered the cause of the ozone hole, even if we completely stop adding carbon to the atmosphere right now (something none of the "green" groups even advocates), the Earth will continue warming for the next thousand years. Susan Solomon found that heating is irreversible.

Although that's a pretty bleak outlook, Thermopower can actually reverse Global Warming. By converting some of the heat that's in our atmosphere to electricity and beaming it into space as radio waves, we can cool off the planet and save it---and us---from being cooked alive.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Around the World in Your Flying Car

Certainly, the dream of having a flying car has been around a very long time. From Wikipedia, we learn that:

Glenn Curtiss, the Wrights' chief rival, was the first to design a flying car. The first flying car to actually fly was built by Waldo Waterman. Waterman became associated with Curtiss while Curtiss was pioneering naval aviation at North Island on San Diego Bay in the 1910s. However, it wasn't until March 21, 1937 that Waterman's Aerobile first took to the air. The Aerobile was a development of Waterman's tailless aircraft, the Whatsit. It had a wingspan of 38 feet (11 m) and a length of 20 feet 6 inches (6.25 m). On the ground and in the air it was powered by a Studebaker engine. It could fly at 112 mph (180 km/h) and drive at 56 mph (90 km/h).

The day of the flying car is close at hand and it will be powered by a thermopower engine. With no fuel tank and no fuel to weigh it down, the flying car will be the "must have" item for the wealthy. With thermopower engines allowing the public to drive endlessly without having to "gas up" periodically, roads will be clogged and getting from here to there will become the major frustration of drivers in the future. It will become clear to the wealthy that the only solution will be to buy their own flying car to escape the congestion on the roads below.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Geomagnetic Storms Could Wipe Out the Grid

One of the biggest advantages of using thermopower generators will be the fact that power is available where it is needed, not via the grid. In fact, while the grid will still be around even with widespread use of thermopower generators, it will be the backup source for power.

It turns out that the grid is extremely vulnerable to major geomagnetic storms, storms which have occured every few decades in fact. A NASA article entitled Severe Space Weather makes it clear that we could experience weeks of electrical outages if we experience a large storm:

Power grids may be more vulnerable than ever. The problem is interconnectedness. In recent years, utilities have joined grids together to allow long-distance transmission of low-cost power to areas of sudden demand. On a hot summer day in California, for instance, people in Los Angeles might be running their air conditioners on power routed from Oregon. It makes economic sense—but not necessarily geomagnetic sense. Interconnectedness makes the system susceptible to wide-ranging "cascade failures."

By installing thermopower generators on virtually all devices which need power, our electronic civilization will bypass the problem, making us safe and secure from these killer storms.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Drive Your Car on Air

With a thermopower generator in your electric car, you will be able drive around without a fuel tank. Heat from the air will be converted to electricity to drive the motors. Never have to stop for gas!

This is very bad news for oil companies. And, oil producers. And, oil service companies. Oh, there will still be a need for oil: lubrication, plastics, etc. But, forget burning oil as a fuel. That's so 20th century!

Monday, January 12, 2009

How Thermopower Generators Will Revolutionize Our Lives

  • Home and building owners can install roof tiles containing thermopower generators and run their electric meters backward.

    The payback for this investment is estimated to be about one year.

  • Thermopower generator roof tiles will be much cheaper and more durable than solar panels.

  • The cost of electricity will be slashed, saving huge amounts to users.

  • The cost of desalinization of seawater will be drastically-reduced, allowing arid lands to be irrigated and crops to flourish.

    The Australian Outback and other extremely arid deserts will become veritable "Gardens of Eden."

  • The cost of Internet datacenters will be slashed, easing the burden on power plants.

  • Products can be manufactured cheaper as the cost of electricity to run factories is reduced.

  • Costs of producing refined products, such as aluminium, will be greatly reduced.

  • Electric cars will be able to be recharged wherever they are parked during the day and night, either via an external generator or an internal generator built into the vehicle.

  • Thermopower devices can be manufactured in an environmentally-safe manner.

  • Thermopower generators need no carbon sources to produce electrical energy.

    The end of the Fossil Fuel Era is near.

  • The threat of Global Warming is eliminated.

  • No fuel is required---heat from the environment will be converted into electricity.

  • Thermopower will be able to generate at least twice as much electricity during the day as conventional solar panels.

  • Thermopower will be able to produce electricity around the clock, not just when the sun is shining.

    Solar panels, on the other hand, stop producing electricity when the sun is not shining (nighttime or cloudy days).

  • Cars and trucks will run on electricity and can be built much lighter in weight and smaller in size.

  • Thermopower generators will be able to be made in any size, from less than the width of a human hair to building-sized structures.

  • New jobs both manufacturing and installing thermopower generators will be created right here at home.

  • Thermopower will eliminate our dependence upon foreign oil.

    The next big rise in the price of oil will carry it to $500 per barrel if we don't create an alternative. The world economy will collapse unless a new source of cheap energy replaces oil.

  • Thermopower will eliminate the need to produce fuel from food, such as ethanol.

    Food-based fuel drives up the overall cost of food and potentially could create a human catastrophe of enormous proportion.

  • Thermopower generators will produce no environmental pollutants in operation whatsoever.

  • Planned massive grid upgrades will be unnecessary---power will be generated on a distributed basis and used where it is needed.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

2008 Post-Mortem

2008 was the first full year of the Ponzi Scheme Financial Crisis engineered by the banks. One of the casualties of that debacle was the source of funding for development of thermopower. To make a long story short, the money was stolen by a real estate developer who used it to pay his creditors. It's unlikely the money will ever be recovered.

But, this doesn't mean that thermopower development won't happen. It just won't happen as fast as it could have. Three groups of venture capitalists are in discussion right now to potentially fund development. Hopefully, there will be good news to report before too much longer.