Saturday, January 17, 2009

Drive Your Car on Air

With a thermopower generator in your electric car, you will be able drive around without a fuel tank. Heat from the air will be converted to electricity to drive the motors. Never have to stop for gas!

This is very bad news for oil companies. And, oil producers. And, oil service companies. Oh, there will still be a need for oil: lubrication, plastics, etc. But, forget burning oil as a fuel. That's so 20th century!


stephen said...

will thermopower create climate change? if it uses heat to produce electricity, will there be less heat in the environment and create an ice age? does it also cause heat and if so, as much as it uses?

Bob Carver said...


The only way a thermopower generator can reduce heat is to send the electricity out into space. If the electricity is used on Earth, it ends up as heat within our environment, so there's no net loss of heat.

However, if we need to get rid of heat, we can use thermopower generators to power radio transmitters and beam their energy out into space. This would help lower the temperatures on Earth and avert Global Warming.