Monday, January 12, 2009

How Thermopower Generators Will Revolutionize Our Lives

  • Home and building owners can install roof tiles containing thermopower generators and run their electric meters backward.

    The payback for this investment is estimated to be about one year.

  • Thermopower generator roof tiles will be much cheaper and more durable than solar panels.

  • The cost of electricity will be slashed, saving huge amounts to users.

  • The cost of desalinization of seawater will be drastically-reduced, allowing arid lands to be irrigated and crops to flourish.

    The Australian Outback and other extremely arid deserts will become veritable "Gardens of Eden."

  • The cost of Internet datacenters will be slashed, easing the burden on power plants.

  • Products can be manufactured cheaper as the cost of electricity to run factories is reduced.

  • Costs of producing refined products, such as aluminium, will be greatly reduced.

  • Electric cars will be able to be recharged wherever they are parked during the day and night, either via an external generator or an internal generator built into the vehicle.

  • Thermopower devices can be manufactured in an environmentally-safe manner.

  • Thermopower generators need no carbon sources to produce electrical energy.

    The end of the Fossil Fuel Era is near.

  • The threat of Global Warming is eliminated.

  • No fuel is required---heat from the environment will be converted into electricity.

  • Thermopower will be able to generate at least twice as much electricity during the day as conventional solar panels.

  • Thermopower will be able to produce electricity around the clock, not just when the sun is shining.

    Solar panels, on the other hand, stop producing electricity when the sun is not shining (nighttime or cloudy days).

  • Cars and trucks will run on electricity and can be built much lighter in weight and smaller in size.

  • Thermopower generators will be able to be made in any size, from less than the width of a human hair to building-sized structures.

  • New jobs both manufacturing and installing thermopower generators will be created right here at home.

  • Thermopower will eliminate our dependence upon foreign oil.

    The next big rise in the price of oil will carry it to $500 per barrel if we don't create an alternative. The world economy will collapse unless a new source of cheap energy replaces oil.

  • Thermopower will eliminate the need to produce fuel from food, such as ethanol.

    Food-based fuel drives up the overall cost of food and potentially could create a human catastrophe of enormous proportion.

  • Thermopower generators will produce no environmental pollutants in operation whatsoever.

  • Planned massive grid upgrades will be unnecessary---power will be generated on a distributed basis and used where it is needed.

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