Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stuck in the Mud

Here's a prime example of why our civilization is collapsing under the weight of the oil companies: John Hofmeister, CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy, and the former president of US operations for Shell, shares his 2010 energy outlook.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thermopower: An Alternative Energy Solution To Global Warming

Development of this technology has been stalled due to lack of R&D funding for the past couple of years (a result of the collapse of the housing market, by the way), but it offers an even cheaper way to generate electricity. It will be able take any heat source---such as a hot summer's day in Texas, for instance---and transform it into electricity you can use to light your house, charge the electric car, etc. This excess heat in the environment is causing the temperature of Earth to rise, which in turn causes politicians to lick their lips thinking of all the new ways they can convince the public to pay them additional fees and taxes. So, we have the Copenhagen Conference participants talking about how we are spending a billion dollars a day to pay oil shieks to help us make the Earth too hot. Who wouldn't fall for such a line?

We don't fall for it because it's hogwash. Thermopower technology can fix any temperature problem we're having with our home planet. But, technology whose development is not funded cannot fix anything and that's exactly what the politicians want. They want us to kowtow to them and fork over as much cash as they think they can persuade us to pay for "solutions" which only enrich the politicians. Consequently, all the money that the government says it's spending on "alternative energy" is simply never going to fix the problem simply because they don't want the problem fixed. That's why, when we submitted applications to the Energy Dept this year for funding to develop the technology, they said it was "not transformative". And, that's the sum total of their evaluation of voluminous documentation that proves the technology is real and very, very promising. That two-word dismissal shows that they were simply rejecting the grant out of fear---fear that Thermopower would be transformative. If they had had real, scientifically-valid reasons, they would have stated them. But, they did not. And, they did not because there are no valid scientific reasons that can be made to say that thermopower cannot do what it claims to do. It does not violate any known scientific or statistical principles; it's not a Perpetual Motion Machine, in other words. None of the Laws of Thermodynamics are broken. It simply transforms heat to electricity, which is a principle which has been well-known since the early part of the 19th century and very much accepted by science. Thermopower does it very, very efficiently, though, than the prior state of the art.

There are only two possibilities here that we can see (either one or both may apply):

  1. The people in the Energy Dept are blithering idiots.
  2. The people in the Energy Dept have been paid to suppress real solutions to Global Warming.

When the politicians ask you to pay to stop Global Warming, just remember: they are lying through their teeth. Do not support anyone in Congress who makes that kind of claim because they are the ENEMY of the people. And they should be removed from public office as soon as possible.

The day will come when the people demand real solutions from the politicians who have been stealing public funds. And, they'll seek retribution from the politician-criminals who have conspired to impoverish our society.

Oh, and how will Thermopower solve the Global Warming problem? Easy. It can convert excess heat into electricity, which can then be used to drive radio transmitters connected to parabolic antennae aimed out into space. Thus, the excessive heat can be transmitted out into deep space, thus lowering the temperature of the Earth to whatever level is considered desireable. Nothing could be simpler (or cheaper).

To all those nations who are going to drown from rising seas, this will eliminate those rising seas. And, for those living near the sea (Florida and Louisiana, for instance), you won't have to abandon vast areas which will be inundated by rising seas.

By the way, you'd think a technology like this would have hordes of investors lining up to invest in it. Unfortunately, there are no more investors with money to invest in a sure thing like Thermopower. They either lost it all to Bernie Madoff or they're using High-Frequency Trading computers to play the Wall Street Gambling Casinos.