Saturday, June 26, 2010

Government Subsidizes Fossil Fuels

While the Gulf continues to leak black goo as the greatest environmental catastophe of all time continues unabated (and promises to grow much larger as a tropical storm threatens to rain the oily goo hundreds of kilometers inland at some time this hurricane season), it's interesting to realize that the US Government is the responsible agent for subsizing fossil fuels over environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Fossil fuel incentives totaled $72 billion during the 2002-2008 fiscal years, while ethanol received $16.8 billion and all other alternatives only $12.2 billion.

This is why, after the Arab Oil Embargo of the Seventies, America chose to continue on the course of self-destruction in the use of fossil fuels. It's one reason the American Empire is turning to dust. By the middle of the century, America will be a burned-out wreck of an empire with the best and brightest gone to other lands and other opportunities.

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